Midnight Blossom Fragrance Lamp


These beautiful handmade mosaic lamps not only emit plenty of fragrance but they purify and cleanse the air

Fragrance lamps can also be ‘turned on/off’ which means there is no oil being wasted when you aren’t around to enjoy it

The dark midnight tones on the ‘Midnight Blossom’ has pinks, blues, silvers and purples peaking through

There are many choices of fragrance oils to partner these lamps

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These beautiful handmade mosaic lamps are very different from other home diffusers

Utilising a catalytic combustion technique, the Fragrance Lamp actively purifies, cleanses and perfumes the air in the home

They can also be ‘turned on and off’ which means the fragrance oil is only used when you choose

Please note these are designed to be used with their fragrance line. The oil in other diffusers will damage the wick

Instructions included

Please note that as all the lamps are handmade there will be slight differences in the design on each one


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